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  2. A Gay Man’s Guide To Giving The Best Blowjobs
  3. 17 Things Gay Men Want You To Know About Giving Blow Jobs

I have had oral sex with men and women. When I first put my tongue in her vagina I picked up remnants of toilet paper from where she had wiped herself. It was all I could do not to throw up. For goodness sake, use a warm wash cloth down there before oral sex.

This goes for men too. Sorry about how gross this is. I disagree with a lot of this. Using a hand during oral sex is not oral sex.

Gay Guy Gives Oral Tips

Its a hand job. There is nothing that feels better than a blow job by someone who really knows how to suck without using his hands. I had an ex boyfriend I called snaggle-tooth because he had a chipped tooth with which he scratched my wiener open. Then, for the 2 to 3 weeks it took my delicate peener skin to heal, it was in excruciating pain whenever it was touched. Love this article. Thanks for the article. Candid, funny, and spot on!

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Why do you wanna stop that? That is HOT and great natural lube.

Saliva is great and hot and sexy. Trust it.

Enjoy it. I appreciate your article, thank you. I am 44 and this is my second time trying it. My first was lessons from youtube but the guy made a joke about it days afterwards. He made no sounds or movements of enjoyment so i stopped. Anyway my present guy likes that so here is where i ended up.

A Gay Man’s Guide To Giving The Best Blowjobs

This guy appreciated my first attempt with oh shit whispers so i am screen shotting this article to reread nd memorize. Best sex for me is getting great oral … my lover loves it and swallows and we do it several times a day and night. Sunday , April 14 , Wednesday Hump.

Sucks to Suck … Until Today: Florianopolis, located between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, is a stunning island hugging the southern Brazilian coastline. The city is legendary for its nightlife and its beaches. Praia Mole may be one of the most beautiful — and while it's not an exclusively queer beach, it's a very popular gathering spot for the local LGBTQ community. Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The gayest section of this amazing stretch of sand is sometimes referred to as Farme Gay Beach.

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It can be most easily found by searching out the lifeguard towers 8 and 9. You'll see rainbow flags, a good-sized crowd on most days, and plenty of men in Speedos. It's worth your time to rent a beach chair and umbrella and just people watch. Keep hydrated with some coconut water — just purchase a fresh coconut from one of the many vendors and they'll chop the top off and insert a straw for you. Playa Luna, Valparaiso, Chile. The area has a thriving gay scene, but it also boasts plenty of beautiful beaches.

17 Things Gay Men Want You To Know About Giving Blow Jobs

All men want to thrust into your face — this hip motion can make him come faster as he controls the intensity. The key here is to open the mouth, relaxing the jaw and breathe through the nose.

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